I'm not a big fan of those cold and distant third person type bios that you generally find in show programs, but they are more to the point than the rambling you'll find below. So if you're the efficient breed of bio reader and want something more snappy, click here.

Now, those of you who decided to stick it out, brace yourselves for the long journey through my life story:

I was born on February 4, 1990 in a small town called Windermere in the East Kootenay region of south-east British Columbia, Canada. I was an eloquent, well spoken new born and decidedly modest about how much cuter I was than my two older brothers. The story goes that my family named me Robin because at the time my siblings thought Robin Hood was the coolest. I gave my consent to this of course, conceding that Robin Hood was indeed the coolest and therefore I would one day be equally as cool....this theory has since been disproven by high school. Being home schooled until grade two didn't really help prepare me for entry into the foreign world of public education, but I managed to assimilate with only minor scrapes, bruises and the stray emotional scar that comes along with it. I'm an incurable bibliophile and spent most of my days in class with my nose stuck firmly in a book, only taking it out when there were sports to play. I was on the soccer, basketball, volleyball, and football teams, and even tried baseball for one thoroughly embarrassing season. The drama program at my school wasn't all that appealing and sports kept me busy for extra curriculars, but I was secretly interested in acting. So when I decided to go to university for a degree in writing I chose the Writing/Theatre specialization at the University of Victoria. The program required me to enrol in an acting class and with that I had the first taste of my future career, an adrenaline rush incomparable to any other I have experienced. I was hooked. More than just a chance to act, theatre school provided me with the opportunity to start writing for the stage, and in my final year I co-founded a company called New Blood Theatre. We produced Greg Phillips: Alleged Antichrist as part of the Student Alternative Theatre Company's 2013 season. It was irreverent, insensitive, offensive, crude, clumsily written and, thanks to an amazing cast, it won the award for Best SATCo. We went on to produce two more plays in the Victoria Fringe Festivals, both of which I wrote and also performed in as a cast member. Judgement Day won the award for Best New Play in 2013 and The Princess Rescue Force was nominated for Best Solo Show in 2014. After getting my Fine Arts Degree in 2013 I left Victoria for the big(er) city of Vancouver to get my face on camera. I've since worked on a couple of major networks as well as on multiple indie projects that are continuing to hone my skills as an actor (for a full list of credits check out my Resume). I am currently signed with Lissa Lloyd at Lloyd Talent (Agent Contact). In my free time I also enjoy playing beach volleyball, soccer, and taking my motorcycle out. Feel free to click on my social media links, and keep an eye on this website for updates on how things are going as well as other bits and pieces of hopefully interesting stuff.

Thanks for taking that journey with me. I know...I know. It was long for me too.